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  • “The Photographer” means Robert James Ryder, The Flat, Knebworth House, Knebworth Park, Old Knebworth, Hertfordshire, SG3 6PY.  “The Client” means any person/persons or company with whom the Photographer has entered into a contract for the provision of services by the Photographer.


  • A 50% deposit is payable at the time of the booking to secure your date.
  • If you cancel your booking more than 14 days before the booking date you will receive a full refund of your deposit.
  • If you cancel your booking with less than 14 days before the booking date, you will receive a 50% refund of your deposit.
  • If you cancel your booking with less than 48 hours notice from the booking date, no refund will be given.
  • The outstanding balance is due on the date of the booking in full.
  • In the unlikely event the photographer is unable to complete a booking for reasons beyond my control, I will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible and offer an alternative booking date. If this is not suitable, the client will be entitled to a full refund.

Copyright and Ownership

  • In accordance with the Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988, the copyright of all images created by the Photographer is owned by the Photographer. Unless the Photographer gives written authorisation, the Client agrees not to copy/edit/make changes to any images created by the photographer.
  • If reproduction rights are granted, they are strictly limited to the use specified at the time of booking. If the client wished to extend the use of licence for use of images, this must be agreed in writing with the photographer. The Photographer reserves the right to charge an additional fee if the photographs are used for purposes other than what has been agreed at the time of the booking.
  • If the Client wishes to own the copyright of images created by the Photographer, an additional fee will be paid by the Client to the Photographer for transferring the copyright. This fee will be mutually agreed by both parties. The transfer of copyright will only become applicable after this payment has been made in full.
  • All original digital files created by the Photographer remain the property of the Photographer. The Photographer will ensure that all such materials are stored safely for the Client for a period of no less than 6 months and will make them available for future reproduction in return for the relevant fee.
  • The Photographer reserves the right to use any photographs/video taken either in the studio or out on location for their own advertising purposes including (but not limited to) website’s, social media and prints used in the studio.
  • If any clients would prefer their images/video to not be used in this manner, this must be stated in writing, to the photographer prior to the booking date.

Delivery of Products and Services

  • The supply of products and services are provided by the Photographer on a best endeavours basis. The Photographer will not be liable for delays that are beyond his reasonable control. The Photographer shall use reasonable endeavours to meet agreed deadlines where applicable. The Photographer shall not be liable for any delays in meeting any of his obligations which were due to causes beyond his reasonable control including but not limited to; postage/courier/lab delays, war/acts of terrorism, riots, government legislation, industrial action, adverse weather conditions, acts of God, floods, fire, loss or damage in transit etc.

Rush Services

  • The Photographer reserves the right make an additional charge should the Client request a rush service. This service is subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed.


  • The Client shall be responsible for the behaviour of any persons accompanying them to an assignment. The Photographer reserves the right to terminate any assignment without notice if he deems the Clients/Guests behaviour to be unruly or unsafe. In such instances, the Photographer reserves the right to charge his full fees and expenses as agreed in the booking.
  • The Client will fully reimburse the Photographer or his agents for any loss/damage they cause to property or equipment.


  • For all images/data supplied to the Client in electronic format (including but not limited to digital downloads, email, USB drives), The Photographer will endeavour to ensure that the data sent is not corrupt and is virus-free. The Photographer cannot be held responsible for any damage, disruption and/or loss of any kind that the said media may cause to the Clients computer or data.
  • The Client agrees to take similar steps to ensure that data sent to the Photographer is not corrupt and/or virus-free.

Prices & Terms

  • The Photographer reserves the right to amend both Prices and these Terms and Conditions without prior notice.